One of the hottest young stars in the Northeast is Chelsea Cavanaugh! The aspiring hit maker has opened for some of the hottest names in Country Music, is about to release her new album Simply, and is preparing for a busy summer of touring.

We recently caught up with 16 Year Old Chelsea Cavanaugh to talk about some of her big shows this summer, including WGNA's SOLD OUT Countryfest.

Who are you most excited to see at Countryfest and why?
I am most excited to see Sheryl Crow at Countryfest because she is someone I have idolized and really looked up to when I was younger. I think she’s incredible and an amazing role model so I really look forward to seeing her.

Other than Countryfest, tell us about some of the gigs you are most excited to play this year?
I’m excited for all of my gigs! I’m really excited to just go out and play a ton of shows with my band! I’m probably most excited to play the New York State Fair and also to be opening up for Joe Nichols at the Columbia Country Fair.

What is your favorite song on your new album and why?
That’s a tough question! As a songwriter, your favorite song is usually always the last song you wrote. On this album I think my favorite song is 'Just Leavin’.' The song really expresses a big part of myself and I love how the orchestration came out for the song. The song sounds really cool and is the last track on the album so I think it ends it perfectly.

What was the best part of making an album?
There were so many great parts of making this album! I’d say the best part was seeing the songs I wrote with just my guitar come to life with all of the other instruments. I love the album making process because you can really focus on the emotions of each song and how to express them in the recording.

What was the worst part of making an album?
A lot of hard work and time goes into making an album. Much more time and energy than people realize. The hardest part was just having the patience to make each song as great as we can. Also having the patience singing in the vocal booth the same line of a song 10 times until it expressed the line perfectly. Recording vocals requires a lot of patience and determination.