It's like Charlie and his Angels, except in this case it's not a television show and it involves  a seemingly lonely gentlman, prostitutes and our very own Troy, NY.

This story reads very much like a movie. A "business" is being run and a neighborhood tips off the police. The police decide to set up shop to scout out the area and they indeed make a bust.

Terry Pollard, age 73 was charged with patronizing a prostitute, while three women: Ashley Dudley, 29, Lisa Kipp, 34 and Leah Halliday, 25 were each charged with one count of prostitution.

It all came to an end thanks to the community banning together to help make a positive change and the Troy Police office is very thankful for their support and action to help them in this matter.

It's always important: if you see something, say something. It's not only protecting yourself, but those around you and allowing us all to have a safer Capital Region.