I can not do enough to help the world understand the talent that is Charlie Worsham. If you asked me right now if the future of country music is good, I'd say, "Yes and its name is Charlie Worsham."

It's not just the talent that the guy has, it's his unique ability to blend traditional and contemporary country sounds.

You may know Charlie from his recent hit, "Could it Be," but I really think I found a new appreciation for him when I found his "Cover Challenge" videos on the YouTubes. This is where he takes song recommendations from others and challenges himself to cover the song in just one day.

If you want to take the time to scour YouTube or check out his webpage you will find all sorts of great covers done by Charlie. In fact Bethany wrote a post about the latest one he did covering the song "Roar" by Katy Perry. Me, I'm more of a rock guy.

So I wanted to share a couple of AMAZING covers that Charlie did of, "I want you to Want Me" by Cheap Trick, and "Crazy Train" by Ozzie. Yes THAT Crazy Train. I feel like we could play either of these songs on WGNA tomorrow and they could be country hits.

Remember the cover challenge is: one guy, one song, one day. He has to play and sing everything himself and he does his from his apartment!

Crazy Train: Charlie Worsham Cover Challenge:

I Want You To Want Me: Charlie Worsham Cover Challenge: