Ever wonder what would a Zombie Charlie Sheen would look like? Well if you're a cab driver, bar owner, prostitute or hotel security guard I'm sure you already know what that looks like. BUT for the rest of us we may finally see this there is a rumor floating out there that Charlie Sheen will do a guest stagger on roll on AMC's hit show The Walking Dead as a zombie. At this point EVERYONE  is denying it but I would expect them to because the coolest part of a cameo like this would be the shock value. Like the one in Zombieland (and no I will not ruin it for you). So be on the look out for Charlie Sheen all zombified in season 2 of The Walking Dead on AMC. I'm sure it will be the highest rated episode in the coveted call girl and ex girlfriends of Charlie Sheen demographic. The one truly sad part of this story is season 2 of The Walking Dead is schedule to debut on Halloween of 2011.