I have often wondered what some athletes do when they hear the call of nature. I know tennis players can actually ask for a break, race car drivers , you just have to assume do what they have to do right there in the car. What about football players, Sure you have half time but what if you get the urge before a big kick at the end of the game? That is what happened to the place kicker for the San Diego Chargers this weekend.
Does it surprise me that the man did what he had to do on the sideline?, no.
What did surprise me is how long the camera stayed on him even after it was very, very clear what he was doing. I will give credit to the announcers though, they did not miss a beat. Just kept on talking as if the man was on the sideline practicing kicks. It does make me miss John Madden a little though, I know he would have explained the whole process complete with little yellow lines and circles.
You can make your own mind up about it, here's the video for your entertainment.