Apple has a little bit of an image problem in China right now.  It seems that they had an iPhone Sale fail that you would have to see the video to believe. 

The place:  Bejing, China.

The day : Jan 13th

Time: 7am


Scene:  Total pandemonium

Hundreds and hundreds (and hundreds) of customers line up outside the store awaiting the incredible iPhone 4s, and according to  Many were migrant workers "hired by resellers to stand in line for them.  They were being paid $19 to do it, and had to stand there 12 hours, only to be turned away at the last minute!

Here's video via YouTube:

I guess this raises the question:  What's the longest time you've ever waited in line to get something you really wanted?   Sorry, I love me some technology, but I've never stayed over nite EVER, and I've never thrown eggs!