has been broadcasting a live conference from Facebook Headquarters today in Menlo Park, California.  They’re also keeping the page up to date on their website with what announcements are coming out of the conference – and people are wondering what all the changes to Facebook will be this time!  A Facebook phone?  More changes to Facebook pages or the Timeline? 

Some of the announcements made so far by Mark Zuckerberg include:

  • A new service that uses the database, Open Graph, which pretty much stores everything people “like”.  People are going to have the ability to query things that are stored in this database.  This might mean finding things that your friends have liked, or searching for photos of your friends in specific places or doing certain things.  You’ll be able to search for something like, “Who are my friends who live in Albany, NY?”  You can find out more about the Graph Search here:
  • 10% of the data center computations are privacy checks.  Zuckerberg says no other company in the world has that kind of infrastructure.
  • An autocomplete feature something like Google’s suggestions, but the autocomplete data comes from your Facebook friends.
  • The previous leader of Google Maps, Rasmussen, is now working for Facebook.