There may be some changes coming to a section of Congress Park in Saratoga Springs.

Google Street View

Anyone that’s ever been there knows what a beautiful place it is. It's a place to bring the little ones with the enclosed carousel.

One popular couple have submitted some changes for one part of the park in honor of Saratoga Springs’s centennial in 2015. (Saratoga Springs was incorporated as a city back in 1915)

In a story from the Times Union (which includes several pictures of what the pocket park will look like), the spa city’s first couple, philanthropist Mary Lou Whitney and John Hendrickson want to donate, what they’ve titled “Centennial Park”, to Saratoga Springs. The plan is to do this next year for the centennial.

The change is for the section of Congress Park at Union Avenue. Shaped like a winner's circle, it would include a water fountain, a Native Dancer bronze statue and flowers. The pocket park will also have lights, so it can be seen at night.

The city’s first couple feel that this a great way to give back to the place that they honored and as privilege to call home. It will also create a a very welcoming entrance to the city as people would see it when coming from the track, and also a reminder that racing is one of the city’s anchors.