One of the biggest names in country music is celebrating his birthday - Tim McGraw. He was born on May 1, 1967 in Delhi, Louisiana. Most people know that his dad was a relief pitcher for the New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies, the late 'Tug' McGraw. Tim went to Northeast Louisiana University which he did because he actually earned a baseball scholarship. It was while he attended college that he learned to play guitar, and he would go out and perform for tips, as a way to earn some money.

His mom moved the family to Florida where he started to attend Florida Community College, but dropped out to move to Nashville and hopefully would get  a musical career.

After he recorded a demo single song, he gave a copy to his dad, ‘Tug.’ His dad had some friends at Curb Records, and he gave them a copy of the demo single. After a few weeks, the executives at Curb finally signed Tim up to record for them, in 1992. His first album, which was self titled, barely made an impact in the country music world. But along comes Tim’s second album in 1994, called ‘Not A Moment Too Soon,’ and this is when Tim McGraw started actually getting hits and radio airplay of his songs. This included his first big hit called ‘Indian Outlaw’.

Just a little side note about 'Indian Outlaw,' when I was doing for country dance nights at some albany area places like Playfield's, Fenders, Just Country, Buckboard and Danceland, 'Indian Outlaw was a very popular line dance. Maybe Kevin Richards can teach it at one of his country dance nights.

Happy birthday to Tim McGraw.