Here’s a holiday that I just heard about. April 3 is 'Don’t Go To Work Unless It’s Fun Day.'

If your job isn’t fun, maybe it’s a good day to call in sick and go back to bed.  You know you could use the rest. Be careful, though- I wouldn’t want you to lose your job.

If the weather isn’t too bad, maybe you could head into Washington Park in Albany. Take a walk at The Crossings Of Colonie.

Do what some of the kids like to do– go to one of the Albany area malls, like Crossgates, Rotterdam Square or Colonie Center. They all have movie theaters.

One thing about WGNA, we have fun most of the time. Like any job, there are those days that you wish you could go back home. GNA is probably one of the most fun jobs that I ever had. Do you work at a fun job?  What job did you have the most fun at?