Weird News

Watch Kids Try Escargot [VIDEO]
There are many things out there you will not catching me trying because I'm a VERY picky eater, but I give these kids a lot of credit for even TRYING escargot (snails).
Elf On The Shelf Mischievousness [PICTURES]
It's that time of year! All Elves on the Shelves are flying in from the north pole and causing mischief all over the place. Here is a link that shows some of the trouble they have been getting into already!
The McMaster's Elf on the Shelf Tobias has already returned and Sean got an &quo…
Heather’s Thanksgiving Family Tradition [VIDEO]
There are tons of Thanksgiving traditions out there, but one that we do in my family is listen to "Alice's Restaurant" from Arlo Guthrie! Yes, the entire 18+ minutes! If you've never listened to it, I'm included it below! Happy Thanksgiving from my family to you…

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