What? All People Don’t Train Their Cats Like I Did? [VIDEO]
I've had my cat, Lyric since he was just a tiny little puffball of a kitten. He was the biggest of his litter, but he fit in my hand. With the smallest meow I had ever heard, he was full of energy and at times a bit of a terror. But, he's my "first born" and I love him to…
I Want To Be On Stage With Lady A
This finally could be my big break. I have a talent (and I use that term loosely) where I am able to play a trumpet sound from my mouth. We call it my mouth trumpet.
The Drive in Stella Yesterday Was Intense… [VIDEO]
It's safe to say Winter Storm Stella has left a lot of us stunned. Sure, maybe we shouldn't be stunned, we live in Upstate New York after all. But, lets look at our last couple of years with a complete lack of snowfall, it seemed like a pretty realistic trend to continue. That's until…

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