Animal Encounters: Girl Stabbed Bear at Indian Lake
This morning we talked about crazy animal encounters... and boy did you guys call with a bunch of them!
Sean got so afraid of a mouse that he slept in his buddy's car, Nick's super worried about wild boar, and I stay out of nature purely because I don't want to have animal encounters..…
David Nail in His New Video is Your #MCM [Watch]
David Nail was just one of our stars at our #WGNASecretStar Acoustic Jam.  He was so great!  He did all of his old favorites, and he did a new song called "Good at Tonight" - his new single.
And I got word today that he's released the video for the new song...
Luke Bryan Took a Swing at a Fan At His Show [Watch]
During his show at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville for Charlie Daniels’ 80th Birthday Bash/Volunteer Jam last night, Luke Bryan stopped performing briefly to and hit a man in the face.
Based on the video, it looks like the guy in the front row shouted something at Luke and flipped him&…
My Favorite Moments From Our First Ever Jingle Jam [WATCH]
I'll say this right now: Jingle Jam has been my favorite concert so far with 107.7 GNA. I've hung out with Miranda Lambert, compared wardrobe choices with Carrie Underwood; I've played games backstage with Florida-Georgia Line and talked songwriting with Little
5 Unforgettable Country Christmas Traditions
Just like you, country music's biggest stars look forward to visiting with family, eating and maybe bickering across the table this Christmas. They carry on traditions that are heartfelt, funny, strange and flat-out unforgettable.

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