Animal Encounters: Girl Stabbed Bear at Indian Lake
This morning we talked about crazy animal encounters... and boy did you guys call with a bunch of them!
Sean got so afraid of a mouse that he slept in his buddy's car, Nick's super worried about wild boar, and I stay out of nature purely because I don't want to have animal encounters..…
David Nail in His New Video is Your #MCM [Watch]
David Nail was just one of our stars at our #WGNASecretStar Acoustic Jam.  He was so great!  He did all of his old favorites, and he did a new song called "Good at Tonight" - his new single.
And I got word today that he's released the video for the new song...
Luke Bryan Took a Swing at a Fan At His Show [Watch]
During his show at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville for Charlie Daniels’ 80th Birthday Bash/Volunteer Jam last night, Luke Bryan stopped performing briefly to and hit a man in the face.
Based on the video, it looks like the guy in the front row shouted something at Luke and flipped him&…
My Favorite Moments From Our First Ever Jingle Jam [WATCH]
I'll say this right now: Jingle Jam has been my favorite concert so far with 107.7 GNA. I've hung out with Miranda Lambert, compared wardrobe choices with Carrie Underwood; I've played games backstage with Florida-Georgia Line and talked songwriting with Little

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