YouTube’s Top 3 Videos from 10 Years Ago [Watch]
It seems like just yesterday, but also like it was a million years away!
I have complied the list of the Top 3 Youtube videos of 2006 for you to enjoy as this year, 2016 comes to a close!
This way we can look back at what was....
My Top 5 Favorite WGNA Videos of 2016 [Watch]
We make a lot of videos here at WGNA. We like to provide you with as many ways to enjoy your favorite country stars and local fun as possible!  It's been an amazing year!  We've had so many great concerts and events!  We've raised so much money for charities, and had so…
Bethany and Marissa Make Christmas Morning Cocktails [Watch]
Looking for a way to really kick your Christmas morning into gear? Try one of our delicious Christmas morning cocktails!
Marissa and I scouted out and prepared some fun and new delicious recipes and because we love you so much, we decided to share them with you...
Accident Prone Marissa Takes to the Ice, Watch What Happens [WATCH]
An idea popped into my head. An idea that honestly, could have gone horribly wrong because it is true that I am one of the most accident prone people you'll probably ever meet. I've fallen down my stairs at home a handful of times, I've managed to rip a nail off of my pinky finger at …
The Best News Bloopers of 2016 [Watch]
I love, love, bloopers on live TV!  So, every year when the "Best News Bloopers of the Year" I literally can't wait to watch it!
This year's is as funny as ever!
A YouTube channel  throws together the best news bloopers each month and at the end of the year they p…

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