Luke Bryan Dancing with a Fan’s Pretty Pink Bra [Watch]
Ladies... is this what you think is gonna happen when you take your bra off at a concert and toss it on stage?
A lady tossed a pink bra to the stage while Luke Bryan was performing "Do I" in New York City on the other day.  He walked over, picked it up, and did a sexy…
Engagement at Siena Game After Half-Court Shot [VIDEO]
It sounds completely out of a movie, doesn't it?
Girl has the opportunity to win a $500 gift card if she makes a half-court shot during the half-time break of the big Siena game. Boy decides he's going to pop the question to her surprise. Girl hits half court shot, Boy proposes, Girl says, …
Growing Up 518 : The Beginning of a Capital Region Love Story [VIDEO]
She's 84-years young, my Nana. I love her with all my heart.
This video series has been taking a look back at how it was growing up in the Capital Region and her life moments. In this episode, we venture down the starts of our very own Capital Region love story from when she met my Grandfather w…

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