Trailer Park

Zombies Versus Vampires On Spike’s Deadliest Warrior [VIDEO]
For 3 seasons now Spike TV has helped us to find out who the Deadliest Warriors of all time are. The show does have violence but history and war are full of violence. So when you watch it from a historical angle, it's really cool to see science, experts and computer programs give you a idea of …
New Video Games In The Trailer Park [VIDEO]
Normally the Trailer Park focuses on movie trailers. This one is all about upcoming video games. I tried to find a few that you could get for your kids and not worry about what they learn from it. So I picked three that I am excited about AND have less violence and bloodshed.
Avengers Trailer Hidden At The End Of Captain America [VIDEO]
Last week I took my daughter to see 'Captain America: The First avenger'. I really liked it and so did she. They paid enough respect to the comic and did enough to bring in the average movie goer. One caution for you. Don't bother seeing it in 3D we did and you really don't need …

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