Trailer Park

The Amazing Spider-Man Looks Amazing [VIDEO]
When I saw the casting for "The Amazing Spider-Man" I wasn't too sure. I love Emma Stone but wasn't sure she was right for "Gwen Stacey" and I had never heard of Andrew Garfeild. So when he was cast as "Peter Parker/Spider-Man" I had my…
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter In The Trailer Park [VIDEO]
This may sound crazy but if any historical figure could of been a vampire hunter my money would of been on "Honest Abe".  16th President and pro wrestler(true story look it up) why not the Van Helsing of the US? So I am a little interested in seeing "Abraham Lincoln: …
The Avengers In The Trailer Park [VIDEO]
If there is one movie that my daughter and I are equally excited to see it's "The Avengers". Have I mentioned my kid is as cool as I am a geek? Good news for me and all that love action and super heroes, the extended trailer for "The Avengers".

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