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What Food Do You Associate With Upstate NY?
If you haven't heard, I'm not from around these parts. I hail from from the mitten state, Michigan. Believe me, we have our own weird sayings and special foods. I'm curious, what are some foods that are associated with the Capital Region?
WGNA #ThrowbackThursday Playlist
In what is quickly becoming our favorite morning of the week, Sean, Nick and I have been choosing songs and letting you vote for your favorite to see which older country song we play on the air.
This morning we had some really great selections...
School Closings for February 9, 2017
If you don't have to go outside, don't.
The snow is coming down hard and fast and if you don't have to go anywhere this morning, DON'T!
Cappy is calling for -
TODAY:  Snow-Heaviest through the morning…tapering off mid afternoon…
Win A Date With Nick to the SOLD OUT Brantley Gilbert Show
Attention single ladies! If you listen to The Sean and Bethany Show you've surely noticed that we've been hanging out with our favorite single 20-something for a couple of weeks, a one Nick Kessler.
Well, Sean and I are super married, so we love to live vicariously through Nick and his insa…
Ichabod Crane School Gets an Adorable Therapy Dog
You've heard all about how having a pet around can benefit people of all ages!  Reducing stress, calming anxiety, improving morale... so, why not pop one or two into elementary schools?
I think it's a great idea!  And officials at Ichabod Crane Primary School do to...

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