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School Closings and Delays – February 13, 2017
It was a really snowy weekend here in the Capital Region! Most areas are reporting 7-11 inches of accumulation yesterday!
And, while the plows did a great job clearing most of the roads off, there are still quite a few closings and cancellations...
Glens Falls Restaurant Tried a No-Tip Policy and Has Reversed It
Davidson's Brothers Restaurant in Glen's Falls was one of the first restaurants in the Capital Region to start a no-tipping policy at their restaurant.
And as of January, they have reversed it.  According to the Chronicle, the owner says this market isn't ready for such a policy..…
Storm Isn’t Over, Be Sure To Check On Your Neighbors
The heavy snow might be over, but wind is on the way!
As many schools are already delaying school tomorrow, I sat here wondering, why?  It’s barely snowing.  From what I hear, tomorrow is going to be windy!!  Wind gusts could get up to 45 MPH blowing snow all over the p…
Show Us Your Snowpeople
Marissa and I tried to make a country cowboy snowman the other day in the parking lot when we got a lot of snow at the radio station.
It didn't work so well.
Turns out the snow was too fluffy and not "good packing" snow.
Well... what a difference a couple of days makes...
10 Great Local Restaurants For A Romantic Valentine’s Dinner
The other day I asked my friends on Facebook for their opinion on romantic places to eat on Valentine's Day. As usual there were no shortage of suggestions and while there were more than 40 comments I tried to narrow the field down to 10.
The suggestion I got the most was a home cooked meal righ…
This Video Made Me Cry So I Made My Kids Watch It [Watch]
One of my old (favorite) teachers posted this video on his Facebook page and at first I thought, "Ugh, I'm tired about hearing about bullying! Nothing will ever change."
Kids are mean. Maybe it's because they don't know any better? Maybe it's cause their parents …
Washing Machine Duet: “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” [Watch]
We've all done it... wasted a solid 30 minutes on our phone, just scrolling through a bunch of crap until we find a true gem... a work of art... I've found that gem for you!
This is a work of art!  A talented man uses the beat that his old redneck washing machine makes, and uses i…

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