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Gloversville Police Help US Marshals Arrest Wanted Fugitive
Gloversville Police Department aided in arresting a wanted fugitive today!
Members of the Gloversville Police Department aided the United States Marshals Service today in arresting a wanted fugitive from Niagara County (Western NY).  Christopher Beard, wanted by the Niagara County Sheriff&CloseC…
More Dog Food Recalled In NY
Our pets are very important to us and it's important to keep take care of them and pay attention to what kind of food we give our furry friends. Especially if it is being recalled for  contaminants or poison.
Here Are 10 Signs You’re Falling in LOVE
On Wednesday morning, 3 lovely ladies will be coming into the studio to play "The Dating Game" to hopefully win a date with Nick Kessler!
I'm hoping it's not just one date for him... but true love!
But how will he know if he's falling...
KKK Uses Valentine’s Day to Recruit in Fort Plain [Watch]
More than 100 new KKK members have already been recruited in New York and Massachusetts according to a report from WNYT, and the quest for new members nationwide continues.
Most residents of Fort Plain are disgusted by leaflets that were recently distributed in the town...
Sean and Bethany’s Love Calculator
Did you hear us calculating love this morning???
We had listeners call and text in to find out how compatible they are with their lovers and the results were staggering!
My husband and I have a 13% score on the Love Calculator.
Sean and Andrea have a 27% compatibility factor...
As Temperatures Rise, So Does The Demand For Shelters
If your like me you like to stay inside on cold days and relax, maybe binge watch a good show and make some hot coffee. Whatever your routine is, you probably dread going anywhere. As the winter weather starts to pick up and the snow starts to pile on we need to be aware that it's not easy…

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