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Watch Nick Ruthlessly Make Fun of Sean and Bethany [Video]
You may have heard a different voice in the mornings with Sean and Bethany...
It's Nick. He's a goofy guy with a wild creative streak. He's single AF and has a crazy fun sense of humor... and currently, a pretty bad hair cut.
Before we let him hang out with us in the morning, we kept hi…
Ever Wondered What It’s Like at WGNA Late at Night? [Watch]
Saturday night... no one around... deep on the Pine Bush... a lowly brick building houses 5 radio stations... what could possibly go wrong??
Bethany and Marissa.
We happened to be working on stuff late on Saturday night when we happened to be the only 2 people in the building...
Shaker High Grad Developed a Really Cool New App
App developing is on the top of every "best job" list and now a local kid has done tried it out and nailed it!
Ryan Barone, a Shaker High School graduate currently living in New York City, has developed an app that streamlines the rental application process for renter…
Topic Roulette: The True Key to Happiness
This morning you voted during topic roulette and you picked my topic! Thanks guys! The topic was.... the true key to happiness in your life!
A new study found that when people participated in nudist activities it made them more satisfied with their bodies and that led to them being more satisfied and…
Bethany’s Weekend Playlist – January 27, 2017
Happy Friday!  In order to guarantee a fantastic weekend, I’ve gathered a few of the songs that I’m personally obsessed with and put them in one place so I can listen to them easily and so that I can share them with you!
Here are some songs you should be list…
New Telephone Scam Alert Warning
The Better Business Bureau wants to inform you about a new scam that has hit upstate New York. Be aware that there are scams everywhere and they always seem to be evolving. Even in 2017, we aren't safe from these scams.

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