Are You Buying An iPhone 6s in Albany Friday?
Friday will be another special day for Apple fanatics in the Capital Region as the iPhone 6s hits the streets. Big box stores should have some type of allotment along with the different cellular providers. Are you picking one up? If so, where? If not, why not?
What Is A Dead Drop And Could It Coming To Your Town? [VIDEO]
Let me start by saying that I have no connection to these but it sounds like a really neat idea. The website is: and it's a new way for people to drop information for other people to access without being online. You simply bring your laptop to the location and plug in the USB …
Ways To Make Your Old iPhone More ‘Peppy’
I thought long and hard about the last iPhone post I wrote, hyping all of Apple's latest and not everyone can afford a new iPhone. The economy isn't THAT great - let's face it. So for those who haven't drank this year's Apple KoolAid, let's think of some ways to give yo…

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