It’s Apps For The Ladies Week – Tech Talk
Ladies - I'm working for you here.  You're very busy people - juggling work, family, and maybe some fun in between.  You need ways to organize it all, and your handy dandy smart phone can help with the right app.  I've got 3 for you.
How To Get Your HDTV Ready For The Super Bowl
It's always nice to have a big screen TV to watch an important sporting event.  But do you have all the settings right to get the best picture for this type of programming?  Might as well get you money's worth, right?  Read on!
Changes to Facebook? What now?! has been broadcasting a live conference from Facebook Headquarters today in Menlo Park, California.  They’re also keeping the page up to date on their website with what announcements are coming out of the conference – and people are wondering what all t…

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