This Guy Has A Magic Beard [VIDEO]
This is very cool.  A great diversion.  Why did I post this?  Because it was there and it's a trending video - plus I'm sick of all of the negative news lately, so let's sit back and watch this guy, OK?
YouTube Celebrates Geek Week With The 3D Printer
It's a week after my own heart. It's Geek Week on YouTube.  I am definitely a self-appointed geek.  I think, eat, and breathe electronics, computers, musical keyboards - love all of it!  Actually it's more of a love-hate relationship with it because it's starting t…
Cosmos Will Make Science Cool [VIDEO]
Fox Broadcasting has a new show in the works that could very well be the kick start you've been looking for to get your kid to like science. "Cosmos" will have the attitude of a Fox show with the clout of National Geographic.

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