Patriot with Local Ties to Play a Part in the Big Game Sunday
He's not all padded up and ready to tackle anyone on the field. Well, that might be wrong. he very well may want to tackle someone on the field. But, from the sidelines, Matt Patricia will probably just be yelling. Or at least it'll look that way.
Patricia is the
The NY Giants Loss Has the Internet Freaking Out
The New York Giants. Our beloved team was ruling the Eastern Conference, well, until yesterday that is.
They were pretty proud of themselves, too it seemed. The team headed to Miami with a few days off prepping to get ready to play in the NFL Eastern Conference against the Green Bay Packers yesterday…
In 25 + Years of Softball, I Never Expected This Day to Come [Photos]
When we started this team just over a year ago, the goal was to have fun. Some of us were coming from a team that wasn't playing as a team, with that came a lot of losses and a lot of unnecessary drama. The finger kept getting pointed and the fun was taken out of it. After 25+ years of playing …

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