Train (Feat. Ashley Monroe), ‘Bruises’ – Song Review
Train's collaboration with Pistol Annie Ashley Monroe feels random, but the marriage of two very different vocal styles makes 'Bruises' a captivating listen. The forever sympathetic Monroe was a perfect choice for this class reunion-type song. While it might not be the official reason…
Easton Corbin, ‘All Over the Road’ – Song Review
It didn't take much -- maybe just a pinch or a skosh -- but the spice added to Easton Corbin's new song 'All Over the Road' will leave fans and followers looking at him a bit differently. It's wholesome enough to be mother-approved, but saucy enough to leave daughters intere…
Tim McGraw, ‘Mary and Joseph’ – Song Review
Tim McGraw could make a pretty strong Christmas album if he chose to do so. His new release 'Mary and Joseph' is a creative -- but not too creative -- interpretation of the story of Jesus' birth. McGraw tells it like he's told the best stories of his two decade-long career, with …
Big and Rich, ‘Party Like Cowboyz’ – Song Review
In 'Party Like Cowboyz,' Big and Rich once again become the wild-eyed, brash, cowboy rockers that originally attracted so many fans to their diesel-powered style when they debuted in 2003.  No one is going to accuse John Rich and Big Kenny of excessive versatility, but they do what th…
Starlight Music Theater Memories
As the Starlight Music Theater Building prepares to be demolished and swept away, I thought it would be fun to reminisce about all the great shows that I had a chance to see at the Latham concert venue.
Saratoga Fan Reviews Bill Anderson Concert
Every Sunday Morning I feature the best in Classic Country Music on 1077 GNA and on-line at This past Sunday many of those faithful listeners of the show gathered at the Saratoga Music Hall to enjoy Country Music Hall of Famer Bill Anderson.
Bill Anderson Delights Northeast Classic Country Fans
It's not often that a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Grand Ole Opry makes a stop in the Albany-Saratoga area. Add in the credits of the most recorded songwriter in Country Music history and television host, and you know you're going to get a great show.

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