People Who Tell You How A Movie Ends. Bad!
Don't you HATE people who do that?   Your friends will describe a movie they just saw and go just a LITTLE too far with the plotline.   I don't want to know the ending, but in case you do, "there's an app for that"
Dead Island- The Scariest Game You’ve Never Heard Of.
I have never hid my fascination for the "Zombie Genre" Movies like 'Night Of The Living Dead', 'Zombieland', 'Dawn of The Dead' and video games like 'Left 4 Dead' and 'Dead Rising' are among my favorites. Well for years now there's been talk of a game called 'Dead Island' it's the story of…
A Musical Response To Criticism About Tone Up Sneakers
That Casey Danton!  Did you see her scathing criticism about those sneakers that supposedly tone up your glutes?  Well, I am the proud owner of a pair, and now she's going to get a piece of my mind musically--actually this is my very first video blog (and maybe my last!!)
Even If Shape Ups Work, They Aren’t Shaping Fashion
Have you seen those sneakers on television or in an advertisement that claim to help tone your legs and glutes?  Supposedly, they have some special design in the sole/heel so when you walk in them, they make you use certain muscles without making you feel like it's a wo…
Honda Recall
Honda is recalling more than 97-thousand vehicles here in the United States.  Certain models on their product line are being brought back to the dealer to fix a problem with springs that are in the valve train.
Who Was the Best Dressed?
If you caught the Grammy Awards' red carpet last night or at least some of the performances and awards, then you definitely caught some beautiful dresses and some of the unusual "dresses" of certain artists.
Your Phone Could be the Next Target
It's ironic I stumbled upon this information this morning because when I first got my new smartphone it did dawn on me my phone could be the target of a cyber attack.  And then just last week, Jeff Levack asked our digital specialist if phones could one day be susceptible to viru…
“Lights Out” — Great Show (Video)
Most people who know me, know I'm not a huge television guru.  Typically when I have the time, I flip through the channels, but end up cursing at every show.  However, in my moment of hibernation last night, I stumbled upon a new show called "Lights Out."  Despi…
Gym Smells — What They Mean
A few weeks back, I wrote a blog about cardio machine etiquette and how it is not polite to stare at someone else while they work out.  Many of you agreed with my fustration -- some also knew exactly what I had experienced, having experienced it themselves.
I now write to you about something else at …

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