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My Shiney Hiney… Worst ‘As Seen On TV’ Product?
This is a joke, right? My Shiney Hiney??
I mean, don't get me wrong, it does sound nice to be "Fresh and Confident All Day Long" but can you just maybe do that with a wash cloth and a hot shower?
No, apparently you can't!  You've got to buy the "My Shiney…
$300 For a Backpack? These Girls Are Nuts.
I've never been someone who "needed" a name brand. You won't find me dolled out in Gucci or Louis Vuitton - in fact, I just had to double check the spelling on both of those because I shop, like the normal, average person where my bank account allows: Target.
New York’s Newest Museum: The Museum of Ice Cream
Yaaaassssss!  Ice cream is the best thing ever!
The MUSEUM OF ICE CREAM is opening in New York City later this month! No art or science or any other boring stuff! Just all ice cream, all the time!
It's going to feature all sorts of crazy exhibits...
Saved by the Bell Roasted Donald Trump Before it Was Cool [Watch]
Way before Donald Trump ran for President, he was quite a socialite. He was also the butt of a lot of jokes. But, perhaps none more 90's corny than when Screech dressed up like him in a dating game on Saved by the Bell.
Check out the clip above and relive the moment when scrunchies were everythi…

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