Stop Picking on “My Michele” Bachmann [AUDIO]
Here's another example of the vicious press making a mockery over a political candidate just because of a few minor slip-ups.  So she doesn't know when the King was born.  Big deal!  Ok- so she doesn't know the subtle difference between a world famous cowboy and a world…
Al Sharpton Vs. The Teleprompter [VIDEO]
I have never been a fan of Al Sharpton. I'm not really a big fan of any sensationalists especially one who use hate and anger as the foundation for their platforms. I also have never been a fan of anyone who wears a warm up suit as an outfit for anything other than working out...
Roseanne Barr for President. OMG! [VIDEO]
You know her, you love her, you can't live without her (unless she starts singing patriotic songs).  She's the very funny, often controversial Roseanne.   And she's at it again - this time running for President.  Everyone -run for the hills!
President Obama’s Birthday And Other Important Dates
This year has been FLYING BY! I swear it was just yesterday I was toasting in the New Year, but it’s already August 4th, Which happens to be Commander and Chief President Barack Hussein Obama’s Birthday. That means we have already watched the Packers win the Super Bow…

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