What Would Happen If Reagan Met Obama? [VIDEO]
There are two subjects that will always be touchy- politics and religion - especially recently.  It seems that we're slowly losing our sense  of humor.  Well I'm here to help.  This is fantastic, and has gone very viral on the interwebs (as "W" would h…
The Etch A Sketch Makes A Strong Comeback
I'm not sure if it matters how old you are- you have probably, at one time or another, tried your hand at the Etch-A-Sketch. Amazingly enough, it was invented 52 years ago! Well, some old habits (and toys) never die.
Kermit Serves As Political Analyst On The Colbert Report
We don’t often get into politics here on theFW, mostly because those guys don’t need us to make fun of them; they do a great job of that on their own. That, however, will not stop Stephen Colbert from asking everybody on his show about the current political situation…
Rich President, Poor President
Everyone is talking about  wealth these days ,especially the financial well-being of certain financial candidates (i.e. Mitt Romney).  Yes, he is filthy rich, without doubt.  But if, and I do say IF he were to become the leader of the free world, how would he stack up on the richness …
Levack Loves The Puppet’s Court [VIDEO]
there is a news station in Akron, Ohio called 19 Action News that is covering a trial involving political corruption. Like many court room cases they have the transcripts but no video. Where many news shows would go with court room sketches 19 Action News went with "The Puppets Court&qu…
President Obama Sings Al Green [VIDEO]
I don't care who you are going vote for, but I have to say I think Obama is cool. At a campaign fund raiser last night at the Apollo Theater the President bust into "Let's Stay Together" from Al Green, who was in attendance.
Dude has pipes! lol I wa...
Romney Rolling In New Hampshire Primary – No Shock Here
Win McNamee, Getty Images
Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney at last check was up by more than 20 points in the New Hampshire Primary.
The real race is for second. Romney owns a house in New Hampshire and lives there so he truly has home field advantage

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