Obama And Biden Are Bringing Sexy Back [VIDEO]
I openly admit i think Barack Obama is cool and Joe Biden is only second to Chris Christie on my list of current politicians I'd like to get a beer with. So no doubt these are the perfect men to Lip dub "Sexy Back".
Facebook Helps President Obama Pardon Two Turkeys
After a neck and neck online competition, President Obama today granted pardon to two turkeys, Cobbler and Gobbler. Cobbler, who likes eating cranberries and listening to Carly Simon, narrowly beat out Gobbler, the corn-eating turkey who loves bluegrass...
Let’s Have A Laugh At Our Presidents [VIDEO]
Yesterday we all had the opportunity to go out and vote for who would become the President Of The United States. There was a lot of serious back and forth bantering going on in my news feed on Facebook and on my Twitter last night. That's one of the reasons right there that I don't really get very p…
Albany Area Local Election Results
We have a lot of races in the Albany area with some of them being more major than the others but all equally important. Here are the results of the races that have been called. We will be updating the data as new numbers come in.
Taylor Swift Doesn’t Want to Tell Anyone How to Vote
Pop-country darling Taylor Swift is so busy, you might not think she'd have much time to keep up with current events like the upcoming presidential election. But the 'Red' hitmaker says she intends to vote -- though she insists she doesn't want her opinions to influence those who…

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