Red Caps For Babies Raise Awareness [PIC]
Newborns at hospitals across the Capital Region are sporting knitted red hats to raise awareness for American Heart month. Thousands of volunteers have been working hard to make sure all the new babies are wearing a red knit hat.
Couples Romantic Beach Stroll Turns Into Gruesome Discovery(PICS)
Today is 'National Plan For Vacation Day' and I'm all about it.  You may, however, want to learn a little more about the beach you plan to stroll on during that romantic Caribbean getaway.  A Canadian woman and her boyfriend contracted larva migrans, known in layman’s terms as hookworms.  What happe…
Compassionate Clifton Park Mom Is January’s Hometown Hero
County Waste has partnered with us to honor those in our communities who are truly making a difference.
We'd been trying to get in touch with Grace Janikas for a few days to congratulate her on being WGNA's January's Hometown Hero.  We finally caught her at a time when she wasn't busy, and understand…
Brett Eldredge And Edgar – Best Video You Will See Today [Video]
It seems that every country show we go to, the artists always bring along their furry friends. Most of them are rescue animals. We met a ton of the country artists' dogs over the summer. It was obvious that Brett Eldredge was in love with his dog, Edgar. He continues to show his affection.
Famous Field of Dreams Destroyed [PHOTO]
You remember the movie "Field of Dreams," right? If you build it, they will come. Except, now they can't because someone destroyed it and this is why we can't have nice things.

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