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Massive Veggie Recall [PHOTO]
We are all busy and sometimes in our house, we buy prepackaged vegetables to save some time when making dinner. If you are like us, check your fridge, there has been a massive prepackaged veggie recall.
Old Funeral Home Used as Town Haunted House
October means spooky, creepy, and haunted houses. I love this time of year like everyone else but maybe when you're building a haunted house, some places should be off-limits?
Dogs Can Stay At The Happiest Place On Earth
It was recently announced that certain hotels on Walt Disney World properties will now accept dogs. As you know, nothing at Disney is inexpensive, and having your dog with you on your vacation won't be either.
Parent Leaves Toddler Overnight In Corn Maze
From Liberty Ridge to Ellms family farm, corn mazes can be fun for the whole family or a night of haunts if you're hanging out with your friends.   Imagine leaving a corn maze and realizing that you have one less person than you started with.  Now, imagine it's your 3 year o…
Victim Of Identity Theft? Steps To Help
Every day there are more and more companies coming forward saying that your personal information that they have has been compromised. Well if you think that your identity may have been stolen, there is a website that can help you right away.
White House Adviser Looking to Phase Out Identification
In order to protect our identities, there are a few things that are the most important: birth certificate, social security number, and credit card numbers. Now, a White House adviser is exploring ways to get rid of one of those.

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