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Restroom Hand Dryers Blowing Feces
I actually prefer those high powered hand dryers over paper towels in the restrooms. I felt that if nothing was touching my hands, but air, it was probably the most sanitary way to dry my hands. A study shows this is definitely not the case and I'm grossed out over it.
Frozen Dinner Recall [PHOTO]
There is a major recall of a very popular family style frozen dinner because it contains bone fragments. You may want to check your freezer.
Ford Trucks and SUVs Recalled
Ford is recalling 350,000 trucks and SUVs in the United States, Canada and Mexico. It includes one of Ford's top selling pick-up trucks in the United States.
Bath Toys Could Make Your Kids Sick
It seems obvious to us, as parents, that bacteria can form inside all of those bath toys that our kids play with in the tub. But now that there is a study out and details, it's quite gross.
Hockey Bus Crash A Sober Reminder Of How Precious Life Is
Every single day, Section 2 athletes from right here in the Capital Region gather with teammates and coaches alike, they board a bus and head to their destination. Off to play games in small towns, hill towns and rural areas. Never in our wildest imagination do we think, God forbid, that something l…

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