Dunkirk, A Lights Camera Jackson Review [VIDEO]
One of the movies isn't even out yet and it's already getting a ton of buzz. Don't worry, Lights Camera Jackson will be able to tell you if the buzz is right or if it's a movie you could skip.
Road Trip You MUST Take – The Record Archive [PHOTOS]
I had a lot of people asking me where I was headed to while I was on vacation. The simple answer was: "no where." People don't like that answer. It's a sympathetic reaction of, "aww, well that can be fun, too!" Yes, I know, that's why I did it. That and lets be honest, traveling …
Spiderman: Homecoming, Lights Camera Jackson Review [VIDEO]
If you're going to the movies this weekend, there is one movie that everyone is talking about and it's Spiderman: Homecoming. If you're still on the fence about seeing it, hear what Lights Camera Jackson thought in this week's Behind the Screens.
Transformers: Lights Camera Jackson Review [VIDEO]
Every weekend this summer it a huge blockbuster but just because they're getting hype doesn't mean it's going to be a great movie. Thankfully, we have Lights Camera Jackson to let us know if it's worth seeing or not.
$1 Summer Movies
Get ready to have a fun filled summer at the movies without the high ticket prices.
Cars 3: Lights Camera Jackson Review [AUDIO]
Whether it be too hot, rainy, or even great weather, summertime means that great movies are coming out and you need to see them. Want to know the movies that are worth seeing and the ones that aren't, Lights Camera Jackson knows!
Have A Drink At The Movies
Local theater owners have seen a steady decline in patrons so they are trying to push a bill that would make it more desirable for people to come to the movies.

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