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Richie Sings A Song About His Lousy Doctor [AUDIO]
That's right, Mr. Headline writer.  I am really in a seriously bad mood about my physician.  How's yours?  Do you have one you could recommend who actually RECOGNIZES YOU when you come in, even though you've been going there for YEARS?  I could go on and on, and I …
What You Do In The Morning Can Screw Up Your Brain!
Do you feel confused in the morning?  Do you feel sometimes like you've been shot out of a cannon-unable to think straight?  You're not alone.  Mornings CAN ruin your creativity.  Check this study out (unless you're in a rush- I'll try to make this quick)
Inventive Fashions For Children With Diabetes
I had the chance to sit next to someone during my recent appearance at the  Cohoes Rotary last week.  We got to talking, and I asked what her occupation was.  The answer she gave made me want to whip out my laptop and start blogging right then and there!

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