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Levack Is Accepting The Vent Fitness Challenge
A few years back I took a very similar fitness challenge and had amazing results. Well here we are about three years later and I sadly have to admit I put the weight back on. I am still healthier then I was before but I need something to challenge and refocus myself. I found it and invite you to com…
Your Health Checklist Before Your Doctor Checkup
It’s recommended that everyone visit their doctor at least once each year for an annual physical exam.  When problems or potential illnesses are caught early on, many times they can be solved before they become major – saving you time, money, and helping you feel your best…
Where to Get a Flu Shot in the Albany NY Area
When the flu starts hitting people start getting flu shots in droves. You can try to get in to see your doctor, but fortunately there are many other places to get a shot, if they aren't out of the vaccine. Call ahead to make sure they have a supply in stock.
Best Chicken Soup Recipe for When You Have the Flu
Nothing ruins your month like getting the flu, especially if you are one of the first people in your circle of friends and family who gets it. Chicken soup is more than just mom's remedy - there is science behind using chicken soup to ease discomfort and help get you back to health. Here's…

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