5 Creepy Urban Legends to Spook You This Halloween
Ah, Halloween: the one time of year when it’s completely appropriate to scare the fecal matter out of loved ones and friends. If your goal is to make sure children can’t sleep at night, a disturbing urban legend is just the ammunition you need.
Five Reasons You Should Eat More Pumpkin
I can't wait for this weekend because my husband and I are taking our son to the big pumpkin patch in Esperance to pick out our first family pumpkin and to pick up some pumpkins for eating too.
Everyone knows that pumpkins are a Halloween staple, but there's more to these gourds than just s…
10 Sexiest Voices in Country Music
Is it a low growl or the confidence to reach up and hit those delicate high notes? Is it crooning about candles and satin sheets that makes a voice sexy, or is it singing about guy stuff, like hunting and raising hell? You'll find all of the above in this list of the 10 sexiest voices in countr…
Top 5 Reasons Why Fall is Better Than Summer
It is now Fall and we love it. Don't misunderstand. We love summer, too. All of the great concerts and events were a ton of fun. However, when it comes to seasons, we prefer Fall over all others. Here are our top 5 reasons why.
5 Things I Am Embarrassed To Admit That I Love
I want to make something clear. I really don't care what people think of stuff I enjoy. I like what I like and if others think it's stupid, then tough. But, there are a few things I avoid bringing up because I know very few people would understand - and yes, almost certainly ridicule. Here…
And The Top Baby Names For New York Are…
New Yorkers know how to name stuff. We understand that names can communicate elegance, prestige and/or emotional feelings. Although, this still does not explain The Egg in Albany. (*shrug*) When it comes to babies, here are the most registered names according to the Social Security administration.

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