Do You Have New York’s Most Popular Last Name?
I can remember skimming the phone book when I was younger. (I know, what the heck is a phone book, Marissa?!) Looking at all of the names. Finding my family, my Grandparents, my Aunts and Uncles and getting so excited. It was also crazy to me seeing so many of the same last names over and over and o…
Secret Sister Gift Exchange Is a Facebook Scam
It sounds like an amazing opportunity to spread love and joy this holiday season and I'll start by saying that there are some people that are being truly legit about it. In some cases, it involves women boosting other womens confidence and pushing them to reach their goals and otherwise. But mo…
10 Locally Relatable Costume Ideas for this Halloween [PICS]
Okay, I know what some of you may be thinking: "I should be a creepy clown for Halloween!" I'll state this now, that's not a good idea. In fact, police in a lot of counties across the state are asking that you don't do that. Lets just avoid the problems, k? But, I do…
What Would You Win an Gold Olympian Medal For? [POLL]
I watch these Olympic sports and I get jealous.
My asthma doesn't allow a lot of cardio in my life. Don't get me wrong, I've played softball forever at this point, even when it wasn't easy to breathe. But alas, I'm not Olympian worthy.
It did get me thinking though.

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