Top Ten Things The Government Wastes Taxpayer Money On
TOM COBURN is a Republican senator from Oklahoma.  Every year he releases the "Wastebook," which is a collection of examples of the 100 most wasteful things the government wasted your tax money in the past year, totaling $18 BILLION.
October 2012 Country Music Birthdays
Libra turns to Scorpio as the leaves fall in October. At least seven country stars will be celebrating birthdays this month, and that includes at least one milestone mark. Click below to find out which hot country music superstar will be turning 40 in October 2012.
Faith Hill: Pictures Through the Years
Faith Hill turns 45 years old today (Sept. 21). Few will argue she isn't one of the most beautiful women in country music, but was that always the case? Well, yes it was. In this gallery of Faith Hill pictures, one will find all of the singer's many styles -- from her covered country look …
Who Are The Most Overpaid Players In The NFL?
Forbes Magazine put together a list of the Top Ten Overpaid Players in the NFL. The list is based on the player's yearly salary and bonuses. I am not sure what formula they used to determine who makes too much but some of the list is hard to argue with.
Top 10 Faith Hill Songs
It's hard to believe, but it was nearly 20 years ago when Faith Hill first made her mark on Country Music with her first hit 'Wild One.'  Now, we take a moment to honor the country diva with 10 of her best songs.
Five Balloons I Wouldn’t Want To See At Balloon Festival [LIST]
Some things make a lot of sense in the world of hot air balloons. Others would not, and would literally kill the fun for everyone. LOL! I have though in my warped little head about hot air balloons that would pretty much kill my buzz at a hot air balloon festival seeing that one will be coming soon …
Country Music Fashion Police – Readers Poll
Next Wednesday (Sept. 5), the nominees for the 2012 CMA Awards will be announced. That leaves stars less than two months to plan for the Nov. 3 broadcast. That’s two months to find the perfect dress, the perfect shoes or the perfect jacket. We’ve found the most adventurous outfits from previous CMA …

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