Top 10 Vince Gill Songs
Vince Gill is one of the most recognizable and in-demand voices in Country Music history.  We recently took the time to remember some of his greatest hits.
17 Dogs Dressed Like Santa
Santa Claus rules. Unless his beard gets stuck mid-mall stunt, then his cool status gets a little iffy. But otherwise, good ol' St. Nick is really awesome. Why? For starters, he has reindeer as pets, gives out presents for a living and gets thousands of free homemade cookies on Christmas Eve. Basica…
Good Guys Only Drink Black Coffee And Other Movie Lies
I've seen more movies then most people ever will so I am extremely familiar with the cliche's like "Good guys only drink black coffee", "No one needs to look at the road" and "Your gay best friend is always worried about straight people problems". I am happy Mick Lasall…
Top 5 Childhood Toys — Scott’s Picks [VIDEOS]
I recently saw an article about some of the latest toys to be inducted into the National Toy Hall Of Fame. This year's inductees were Star Wars action Figures and Dominoes. I had many Stars Wars action figures and other accessories as a child so I got to thinking about some of my  favorite…
IMDB’s Top Ten Horror Movies
Hi my name is Jeff and I am a Movie-aholic! HIIII JEFFFFF!!! One of my favorite websites is aka the Internet Movie Database. IMDB put together a list of The Top Ten Horror Movies. I like their list because it's based on voting and user ratings. So not one lonely nerd in his mom's …
Zombies Take Over Country Music!
Oh no! In what seems to be a Halloween takeover, zombies have suspended on Nashville. Officials are warning area residents -- and country music fans in general -- to stay away from any artist suspected to have a taste for flesh.
October 2012 Country Music Birthdays
Libra turns to Scorpio as the leaves fall in October. At least seven country stars will be celebrating birthdays this month, and that includes at least one milestone mark. Click below to find out which hot country music superstar will be turning 40 in October 2012.
Faith Hill: Pictures Through the Years
Faith Hill turns 45 years old today (Sept. 21). Few will argue she isn't one of the most beautiful women in country music, but was that always the case? Well, yes it was. In this gallery of Faith Hill pictures, one will find all of the singer's many styles -- from her covered country look …

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