Biggest Hotel Complaints? Staff Members Spill the Tea
What's your biggest complaint when staying at a hotel?
MIne? Probably not enough pillows, or spotty Wi-Fi. But I don't usually complain to the staff unless something is terrible!
I'm sure if you work at a hotel you have to handle complaints all the time...
Top 10 Country Songs About Mom
As we celebrate Mother's Day weekend, I hope you enjoy this sentimental list of songs that express how we feel about mom. I dedicate these songs to my mom, Carol. A strong single mom, who shuttled me to radio stations and concerts before I was old enough to drive. Most importantly, for allowing me t…
Five Country Singers Who Were Teachers
Some country stars waited tables or worked as a bartender before their big break, but others took a different route, which involved early morning commutes and late nights grading. As teachers, these artists learned a work ethic that led them to success.
Surprising: 10 Things Men Like to Talk About
So, we always hear about men thinking about sex all the time.  Like every 6 seconds or something, right?  So, I just assumed it would be number one on a list of things men like to talk about.  But it's not!
A new survey asked men to name their favorite subjects to talk about, and …
30 Years Ago Today
I was born!  That's actually hard for me to write!  I always thought birthdays were fun, exciting, and should be National Holidays!  Until now.  This one is hitting kinda hard!
Here's what baby Bethany looked like....
Here's what was going on 30 years ago -
Second Graders Explain Falling In Love
My daughter is in second grade and I can tell she's just starting to try and figure things out.  She'll say "ewwwwww" when daddy and I kiss, she'll ask "mom, what are they doing" when people on TV are kissing, and in the car the other day she e…
31 Things That Make You Feel Great
1. Falling in love
Butterflies in your belly, a constant smile on your face, anticipation, excitement - nothing beats it!
2. Laughing so hard your face hurts
Those moments when you and your friends are laughing so hard your cheeks are in pain...

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