Top 5 Advantages Of An Outdoor Wedding? [LIST]
I DJ'ed  a really unique wedding this past weekend.  Hey, I've done them in huge banquet halls, houses, VFW halls, and even on a yacht around Manhattan once.  But there's something really intimate and cool about your good old outdoor wedding (this time at a campground n…
10 Boldest Risk-Takers in Country Music
Country music was once known primarily for its traditional, twangy sound, but a new generation of artists are ushering in a completely different era. And as these artists have dared to branch out, they prove the validity of the statement: "With great risk comes great reward."
Top-5 Sad Country Christmas Songs
After playing what I think is the saddest Christmas song ever on the show today, I started thinking about all the sad country songs that have made their way into our lives over the years.

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