GNA Morning Rush

April Fools Day, Don’t Cross the Line
We've done April Fools Day pranks on the air before and most of the time people figure it out and play along. Those are always fun, but there are some pranks that just get under my skin.
March on Outta Here
While looking at the forecast for this morning into the afternoon I couldn't help but shake my head.  I tend to be a "skeptically glass half full kinda guy" meaning I try to stay as positive as I can while keeping it 100% real.  But man,  I gotta be honest with …
Ice Cream Favorite Opens
Snow is coming to the Capital Region tomorrow so though it may not feel like Spring, it is, which means Summer is right there behind it. You know what gives me hope for warmer weather? Ice cream and one of my favorites opens today.
Death by T-Rex
For starters, let me start off by saying how horrible I feel for Indonesian farmer, Akbar, who was killed (and eaten WHOLE) by a python at the tender age of 25.  It's awful, it's tragic, and I think it's safe to say the local villagers are emotionally and mentally scarred after such a horrific event…
Signs From Heaven?
I am a believer in some kind of higher power and I always try to be open to a sign from heaven no matter how subtle it may be.
Carrie’s Monumental Change
The resume is impressive.  An American Idol first place finish, too many Grammy and CMA awards to count, a happy marriage, a healthy baby, and looks to kill. On the surface you'd think she has it all.  Yet Carrie Underwood wanted more.
There’s a Video Game for That?
I love video games and with the addition of virtual reality, you can honestly do anything with some sort of controller. Not only does it surprise me that there's a video game for this, but then we had to prove the real thing is harder.
I Want To Be On Stage With Lady A
This finally could be my big break. I have a talent (and I use that term loosely) where I am able to play a trumpet sound from my mouth. We call it my mouth trumpet.

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