GNA Morning Rush

Holistic Toothpaste? Yup We Bought That [PICTURE]
I realize that the wellness and holistic movement is the "it" thing, but Jenn keeps taking it to the next level. I am all about eating healthy and putting healthy things in our bodies to live better and longer. But I feel like this time she went too far.
DWTS Most Memorable Year Night…Really Nick?
I was watching Dancing With The Stars last night and the celebrity contestants danced to songs that allowed them to reflect on serious hardships they have faced and overcome. I did have one problem with the show, however...Nick, The Bachelor.
Flying? You Could Be Bumped Next
About to book that next vacation, or worse, already have your plane tickets for a future flight? Worried about your next flight being overbooked?  Knowing the secret airline rules of being bloodied err bumped is key.
National Lampoon: Lake George Vacation [PHOTO]
From the Ferrari in Ferris Bueller's Day Off to the Delorean in the Back to the Future movies, sometimes a movie has a car in it and sometimes the car is an unspoken character. That's the case with the National Lampoon franchise, but did you know you could find the Wagon Queen right here i…
Posting About Weather? Read This First
If it hasn't started already, your social media feeds will be full of constant updates and reminders of the beautiful Spring weather today and tomorrow. If I may, here are a few suggestions before you post "warm weather" photos.  These are merely suggestions, but will sav…
WRGB Together TV 6 & You 1978 Commercial [VIDEO]
I've lived in Schenectady my whole life and somethings are staple. The buildings, the monuments, and our radio & news stations. I was clicking around the internet when I found a crazy blast from the past from WRGB.
Finally Went To The Rivers Casino
Over the weekend, Jenn's mom and aunt came to visit. So we thought it was time to go to the Rivers Casino. I had asked a lot of people their opinion of the new casino and got mixed reviews, mostly negative so I was anxious to see for myself.
Soft Ice Cream=Spring [PICTURE]
Growing up in the 518, there was always a sure sign that spring was finally here...soft ice cream stands. So last night, we officially welcomed in spring by having our first cone.
Trisha’s Southern Kitchen, With Jess!
One of my very first events with WGNA was the incredible opportunity to see and meet Garth Brooks and his incredible wife Trisha Yearwood. While everyone was in awe of having the opportunity to talk to Garth Brooks, I had another focus.
Tablets At The Restaurant?
Jenn and I try to have some balance when it comes to electronics out at a restaurant. Ryan is 5 and making him engage in conversation at times can be challenging. But I can't stand when we go out and the restaurant has a tablet at the table when we sit down.

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