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5 Ways to Make Albany Better
Let it be known that I will not be running for Mayor of Albany anytime soon!  I just love my job too much to give it up to become a public servant, but I have 5 ways to #MakeAlbanyBetter.
Don’t Get Scared, This Show is Coming Back!
I don't mind being scared in certain circumstances. If I paid for a Haunted House, scary movie or adrenaline-inducing ride, it's expected but why would I want to bring up my biggest fears for no reason?
Coloring Eggs with Shaving Cream [PHOTO] [LIST]
When my Mom gets an idea in her head, she has to run with it and I like to think it's one of the amazing great qualities I get from her. This one was kind of out of the blue. She knew she wanted to color eggs this year but she had a whole new technique to try!
The Perfect Grilled Cheese
Today is National Grilled Cheese Day, and with the weather being a lot cooler today, the conditions for it were perfect! Not all grilled cheese is created equal.  In honor of this timeless tasty sandwich, I made mine with 5 simple ingredients, but let it be known, while there may be multiple wa…
Fat or Pregnant? [VIDEO]
Every woman is beautiful. I mean that from the bottom of my heart, being a woman or not, so when I saw the idea for this show I was outraged.
Tamagotchis, They’re Baaack!
I'm a 90s kid so I have a certain connection to anything 1990s or early 2000s. To my surprise, when I clicked around the Internet yesterday I saw that Tamagotchis were trending, I had to figure out why!
National Pet Day, Not Just A Day To Love Your Pet
I absolutely love my dog Freddie and in honor of National Pet Day, I would like to give him a huge shout out. But National Pet Day isn't just for loving all pets, it's actually a way to help out local shelters and give a little extra love to those animals that need some extra attention.
A Northway Nightmare
All things being equal, this may literally be my biggest fear on the road, and it happened yesterday on the Northway!

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