Rare Lobster Found In Latham
When I shop at the local supermarkets for lobster, I try not to think of where they come from. Don't get me wrong, I love lobster, but when I see them in the tanks, I get a little sad. Well for one lucky orange lobster, it's his lucky day.
Will The New ‘Man Vs Food’ Eat Up The 518?
The Travel Channel is back this August with new episodes of one of my favorite shows "Man Vs Food".  New host, same concept; Eat until you can't eat any more. Pizza, hot wings, sushi, burgers, hot dogs, ice cream!  My heartburn just flared up thinking about it. Do yo…
Let’s Keep Paying It Forward
There isn’t a better feeling than when a complete stranger does a random act of kindness. I truly believe that this is one of the most awesome things to be the recipient of. Let's keep it going.
Who Wants Free Tacos?
I love watching professional sports, but I have to admit, I haven't followed the NBA closely since Michael Jordan retired. I do occasionally watch Steph Curry and LaBron James. But I will totally be tuning in to this years NBA finals because we could all get free tacos.

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