Country Christmas Songs – Part One
'Tis the season to create the perfect soundtrack to your holiday celebrations.  Enjoy our suggestions to help you make the perfect holiday playlist.  This list focuses on original Country Christmas releases from 1990-2010.  I hope some of these songs will bring you some holiday c…
Students Punk Teachers with Christmas Tree Prank [Watch]
It's adorable, it's funny, it's creative, and it's trending right now!  Check out this video of students in Kilgore, Texas asking their teachers to stand by a Christmas tree and talk about their favorite memories.
The catch?  The tree is actually a student dressed up as …
Amazing Apple Commercial – Happy Holidays 2013
You know by now that I love a great ad!  Here's one from Apple, know throughout history for having dynamic advertisements.
Everyone knows a teenager, or young adult who is always on her, or his, phone!  So, everyone can relate to this Christmas ad-
15 Photos of Santa That Make You Go ‘Huh?’
1. Wait, he gets stuck in that chimney, but not in that tiny sled?
2. Santa likes his package.
3. This is why Santa doesn't deliver to Russia anymore.
4.  Mrs. Claus has had some work done...
5.  Working together to brainwash America's children...

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