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Click Here for Secret Star Jam Tickets
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1 stage! 2 different nights! 3 different stars!
That's a whole lot of country!
If you can to our first Secret Star Jam show, well, then you know just how amazing it was!  We brought 3 mega-stars to Proctors and no one, I mean no one, knew who they were until the…
The Countryfest Workout Game
Those cut off jorts are callin' your name!  And that wife-beater isn't gonna wear itself!  If you want your body to be as tight as Jake Owen's jeans, then this workout if for you!
It's simple, just listen to The Sean and Richie Show on WGNA every morning between 5:30-9am…
Today’s Maureen Hancock Readings – February 27, 2014
This morning on the Sean and Richie show, our medium Maureen Hancock delivered beautiful messages to Rebecca, Tracy, and Patti.
If you thought that was great, just wait!  Maureen will be doing live readings on March 29 right here in the Capital District...
Got Beer? Check Out These Fun Beer Videos!
Our buddy Erik Budrakey, "The Beer Guy" is the host of some great, fun, educational beer videos on, one of WGNA's partners for Saratoga Beer Week!
Here's his look at Saratoga Beer Week...
And here's his look at the Harpoon Brewery...
Local Winter Olympian Gets Surprise From Home
When Remsen, NY native Erin Hamlin woke up the other morning to continue training in the French Alps for the upcoming Winter Olympics, she got a video surprise from her hometown. 
Local Albany Area Grammy Winners
The Albany Symphony Orchestra picked up a Grammy Award last night!  It's the first such nomination and win in the orchestra's 84-year history.
The ASO was awarded best classical instrumental solo for its recording of composerJohn Corigliano's "Conjurer — Concerto For Percussionist & String O…
Two Quick Area Day Trips To Beat The Winter Blues
Do you tend to go a little stir crazy this time of the year?  The weather has kept a lot of us inside all bundled up.  Well especially with the kids off of school on Monday, you might want to gather the family and sneak out of the house for the day...

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