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10 Great Local Restaurants For A Romantic Valentine’s Dinner
The other day I asked my friends on Facebook for their opinion on romantic places to eat on Valentine's Day. As usual there were no shortage of suggestions and while there were more than 40 comments I tried to narrow the field down to 10.
The suggestion I got the most was a home cooked meal righ…
Top 5 Activities for the Summer in the Capital Region
Though Winter was mild (not complaining), I'm certain most Upstate New Yorkers remained inside like myself awaiting the warm weather. Well people, it's here. The temperatures are already reaching the 70's and it's time to get outside and enjoy it. Don't worry, I've got …
My Top-5 Local Childhood Spots
Growing up in the Capital Region in the '80s and '90s was awesome! I had some favorite places that I used to always love to go back to. Maybe some of yours are on my list?!

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