Four Rules Of Technology Etiquette [AUDIO]
On this mornings show we shared four rules of technology etiquette from Emily Post. Post is known for her rules of etiquette and now she has a section in her new book dedicated to technology.
Rodney Atkins Interview [AUDIO]
Yesterday we has an opportunity to talk to Kellie Pickler, and I had to blog about every time I talk to her I walk away from it thinking I just sounded so stupid. Fortunately ( for
a couple of reasons), Rodney Atkins does not have the same effect on me when we talk...
Could The Answer Be C On The Sean & Richie Show [AUDIO]
Every now and then we like to play a little game called "Could The Answer Be C" on the Sean & Richie Show. Today we played with a woman named "Diane From Saratoga". Diane was less then excited or at least great at containing herself. Li...
Do You Watch Too Much TV? [AUDIO]
There has always been studies about how much TV we watch. And invariably its always too much. I on the other hand,I  love TV. I think it's not as much how much TV you watch as much as how productive and active you are when you are not watching TV...

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